Thursday, September 28, 2006

Our DareDevil

Aedhan on the floor trying to get at Piggy.
Aedhan acting like the cats.
Aedhan, the Jumping DareDevil
Here I Come!!

Aedhan's Bike Helmet

We bought this awhile back for Aedhan. We've been trying to get him to put it on, so when he starts to ride his tricycle, he'll be ready. He's already taken taken a bite out of the back, and his mommie clipped his chin once he had it on.

Wearing His Construction Helmet

We bought Aedhan little Tonka Learning Books. It's a set of 10 Books. In the Book labeled Safety, it says,"to stay safe, construction workers wear helmets." Everytime we read any of these books, he always has to put on his construction helmet.
Knocking Daddie in the Head

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Trial Run of Putting Up Our New Tent

Aedhan admiring the New Tent
On one of the hottest days of the year, we decided to try a trial run of setting up Our Tent for Four. Lisa and Aedhan sat in the cool water of the swimming pool, while Paul set-up the tent, cursing all the time.
Our New Family Tent is a Kelty Green River 4. It is HUGE! And the vestibule can hold our entire two person tent.
High Fives
Mommie and Aedhan keeping Cool in Aedhan's pool on the hot day.
Look at me - "I'm pressing my nose against the mesh!!"
Aedhan mowing the cement while he waits for the tent to be finished.
Our wonderful lunch - Chicken Salad with Pita Bread, Olives and Pickles
Pop for Us & Vanilla Soy Milk for Aedhan
Aedhan eating lunch. Hoping after lunch he'll take a nap.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

My visit to Montrose Beach

Aedhan is 21 Months old, and we've never taken him to Lake Michigan to just play in the sand and water. It's amazing how much he loves the water and sand. We tried to get him into swim lessons at the Local Park, but they were already full. We try to work on swimming in the bath tub.

He puts the sand in the bucket!

Here Aedhan relishes destroying someone's sand castle. He is sometimes a very destructive person.

Playing My Harmonica,"Our Music Virtuoso"

When we were in North Carolina, Paul and I bought Aedhan an harmonica because he loved playing his Daddie's. He'll walk around the house just making music. For his Birthday, we want to get him a Piano to start learning.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Music in Lincoln Square

During the summer, there are concerts in Giddings Plaza in Lincoln Square. They are on Thursday evening. Families go down to the square to listen to music and let their children interact with each other.
Daddie following Aedhan while he plays in the square.

Aedhan watching the band.
Sophia, our next door neighbor and Aedhan hugging because they are excited to see each other.
Aedhan and Sophia posing for the camera.

Look at My Curls!!!

Look at me!! I'm wearing the wolf outfit from my Grandma Ruthie and Pipi.
OK!! You see my curls. Stop taking my picture!!

Keeping Cool in My Pool

I don't want to look at the camera.

Oh!!! The sprinkler is getting me.

I'm sitting in the freezing water.
Aedhan's reaction from getting wet.

Daddie drying off a freezing Aedhan.
Daddie wet from drying off Aedhan.
Aedhan running around in his diaper. He's trying to warm up from the pool.