Monday, April 23, 2007

Happy Halloween

Paul and I took Aedhan around the block in our neighborhood. Aedhan tried to be a giraffe, but it was a bit to small. He had fun going to the doors, but he wouldn't say "Trick-or-Treat." He would say, "Thank You." Then, he helped us pass out candy at our house.
Aedhan getting ready to go on his adventure.

Aedhan with his pumpkin.

Aedhan going to the door with Mommie

Aedhan framed by Daddie's butt! At this house Aedhan wants to share his candy with the little cheerleader handing out her candy.

(Pictures taken 10-31-06)

Aedhan In A Box

Paul had been bringing boxes home, so we could pack up items we weren't using in the apartment. For a family of three (soon to be four in March), we were out-growing our two bedroom apartment. We had our stuff stored in the attic, basement and garage.
Aedhan hiding in the box


Look At Me

I'm in the Box

Laying in the Box

Aedhan packing himself and his ambulance.

Aedhan likes to sit in the chair and act like Daddie. When we were packing we turned around to find Aedhan taking a sip of Daddie's soda (or is it Old Style)?

(Pictures taken 10-30-06)

Celebrating Halloween in Lincoln Square

Some businesses in our area sponsor Trick-Or-Treating for Kids the weekend before Halloween. Kids get to get dressed up in their Halloween Costumes and go to each business to get candy and presents. Aedhan received candy as well as stickers, pencils, a coloring book and a tooth brush.
Aedhan in his Cow Costume being chauffeured in his wagon.

Trick-OR-Treating a Business

Looking at the Pumpkins in the windows

Latitude,one of the restaurants set up their outside cafe, so they could allow kids to decorate their own pumpkins. The kids could use markers, glue and glitter, and stick on forms .
Aedhan decorating his Pumpkin.
I'm Drawing !!!
See What I've Done!!!!
Mommie helping Aedhan

Once we were done Trick-or-Treating, we let Aedhan run around in the backyard.
Aedhan holding his pumpkin with all his loot.

Aedhan looking up at Daddie taking pictures from the deck.

Aedhan playing with the garden bricks.

(Pictures taken 10-28-06)

6 Month Belly Shots

We had found out it was another boy. There was excitement for both Paul and Me, but there was a little bit of disappointment that it wasn't a girl. Paul and I had always thought that we'd only wanted two kids, but now we've decided to keep our options open. Maybe in two years, we'll try for a little girl, but with our luck we'll have the startings of a offensive line.
Almost 6 Month Belly Shot

Since we found out it was another boy, we started telling Aedhan he was going to have a baby brother. He started pinching or patting my belly and saying "Baby Brother!!!" He was so happy.

Aedhan Pinching Mommie's Belly

Pictures taken 10-27-06

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Aedhan with His Rally Monkey(SOCK MONKEY)

While we were in Michigan, Aedhan's Sock Monkey became the Rally Monkey for the Detroit Tigers ALCS Game. At home, when you yell "rally monkey," Aedhan goes crazy - running up and down the hallway with his monkey.
Aedhan's Two Favorites- Blankie and Rally Monkey

Aedhan running with his Rally Monkey

Picking Out Music

Aedhan hugging his Rally Money.
(Pictures Taken 10-27-06)

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Is It A Boy or A Girl?

Paul and I were excited to find out if we were having a boy or girl. The only problem we had was that Paul was doing training on that day, so Aedhan and I would go to the Ultra Sound. Aedhan was excited to go with Mommie. He was a perfect Little Man who sat in the chair and behaved while the ultra sound was being performed.
With all of the heartburn I was having, I thought it was a girl with lots of hair. TUMS were my friend during this pregnancy. I had always heard the wives tale that you get a lot of heartburn with a baby with a lot of hair. The doctor stated that the wives tale was false.

It's A BOY!!!!!!!!

(Pictures from 10-26-06@ Evanston Northwestern Hospital)

At Home In Chicago

I had felt sick the night(10-15-06) before, so we drove back to Chicago the next day. Aedhan was happy to be back home with all of his toys.
(Pictures taken 10-16-06)

Going To Visit Grandma Ruthie and Pipi

Paul and I decided that on the way home to Chicago we would stop at Pipi and Grandma Ruthie's. With our busy schedules, we decide to catch up with the other side of our family.
Aedhan riding the jaguar in GrandNan's Animal Room.

Playing outside at Pipi's and Grandma Ruthie's He got to watch Grandma Ruthie and Daddie dig up some sweet potatoes from the garden.

(Pictures taken 10-15-07)

Monday, April 16, 2007

Aedhan's Birthday Party

For Aedhan's 2nd Birthday, we had a small get together at GrandNan and Grandpa Tom's. We had hot dogs, baked beans, and potatoes. We thank GrandNan and Grandpa Tom for allowing us to have Aedhan's party at their house.
Aedhan eating his Birthday lunch. His other favorite foods are pizza, tomatoes and potato chips.

Pig Nose Aedhan

Aedhan and Amy playing

Aedhan opening presents.

Aedhan opening his present from Great Uncle Ernie, Great Aunt Laura and Second Cousin Amy.
Aedhan playing with his new train.

Aedhan's Birthday Cake

Aedhan eating his Birthday Cake.

Reading his CARS Book with Grandpa Tom.

Great Aunt Laura, GrandNan and Amy

Aedhan watching TV and trying to read his CARS Book.
Aedhan trying to get some water.
Mommie trying to show her Bellie. It doesn't work when you wear black pants.
GrandNan holding Aedhan's Sock Monkey.
(Pictures taken10-14-06)