Friday, March 30, 2007

BUNN Test for "Cashew"

We went Evanston Northwestern Hospital for our BUNN test. It is a ultrasound that measures the clear space in the folds of tissue behind a developing baby's neck. This measurement, taken together with the mother's age and the baby's gestational age, can be used to calculate the odds that the baby has Down Syndrome. They also do a blood test in conjunction with the ultra sound to get a better accuracy for Down Syndrome.
The technician said that "Cashew" was very active.

Aedhan's 1st Camping Trip

Labor Day weekend, we met Paul's brother, his family and friends that Si worked with at Quality Pool in Granger, Indiana. It was our first camping trip as a family. We got to use our new tent. It was a great adventure.
Aedhan exploring the camp site.

Uncle Si and Aunt Jenny

Aedhan, Sydney and Johnnie

Aunt Jenny hiding from the camera behind Lisa.
Aedhan is playing with his new cars.
Sydney and Aedhan
(Pictures taken 9-2-06)

Maxa Family Reunion

Aedhan and Amy sliding

Paul, Dad and Michael Maxa

Aedhan peeping out of the train.
GrandNan and Aedhan Swinging
Aedhan riding the bouncy elephant.
Mom, Dad and Jerry Wirostek
Aedhan and Amy on the Merry-Go-Round
Linda Kreager - Photo taken by Aedhan with help from his Mommie
Aedhan loves to take photos with our digital camera.
(Pictures taken 8-27-06)

Visit to See Great Grandma Reed

Everytime we come home, we make time to visit Aedhan's Great Grandparents. We were excited to tell them that there was going to be a new addition to our family.

Sleeping Aedhan

Playing Cars

Grandpa Tom, Daddie, Great Grandma, Aedhan and Mommie

(Pictures taken 8-26-06)

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Meeting My New Friend Jackson Pittman

Heather and Neil Pittman are friends of Paul's from his days at MSU. We visited them at their home in Southfield during a visit to see Grandpa Tom and GrandNan. Paul had a part in introducing Heather and Neil. Their son Jackson was born 5 Days after Aedhan was born. It is a new friendship for Aedhan and Jackson.

Aedhan and Jackson looking out the window.

Aedhan and Jackson posing for the camera.

Heather reading to Jackson and Aedhan.

Neil hanging out. Aedhan looking at a program.

Heather reading Clifford to the boys.

Neil throwing Aedhan in the air.

Jack posing for the camera.

Lisa with her new friend Jack.

Fact: Heather and Neil were the first friends we told that we're expecting "Cashew."

(Pictures from 8-25-06)

Bubbles, Bubbles Everywhere!!!

Because of the complaint the night before, I went down to the front desk and requested a different room on the first floor. I didn't want to upset any other patrons at the hotel. They gave us a room with a jacuzzi tub. We found out later from the staff that the lady was never happy with anything at this hotel.

That night, we went to Meijer's to pick Aedhan up some bottles of Mr. Bubble Bubble Bath (much cheaper in Michigan than Illinois).

Aedhan had gotten a hold of one of the bottles and poured 3/4 of a bottle in the jacuzzi. It was a bath full of BUBBLES, BUBBLES EVERYWHERE!!!

Daddie and Aedhan enjoying the bubbles.

Look at Me covered in Bubbles.
(Pictures taken 8-24-07)