Thursday, December 07, 2006

Our Trip to Holland, MI. With Daddie For Work

Paul had to go to Holland Michigan to do a Training Class, so Aedhan and I decided to tag a long for the ride. We got to enjoy a relaxing few days away from Chicago. Aedhan really enjoyed himself.
Aedhan playing cars on the Desk while Mommie watches and smiles.
Aedhan & Mommie
Hyper Aedhan
OH!!! Look at Me.
Aedhan enjoying the couch. After a patron at the hotel complained that Aedhan was to loud or that they thought we were having a party. What are we suppose to do with a child who is almost 2 years old in a different environment and enjoying himself? Aedhan playing on the couch with Waldo(The Bear).
(Pictures taken August 23, 2006)

Chicago Water and Air Show

Aedhan eating breakfast while watching the show.

"Look at the beautiful blue sky!"

Aedhan Playing while there is a lull in the action.
Aedhan watching the boats out in Lake Michigan rather than watching the Air Show.
Aedhan watching the Blue Angels.
Fat Albert - The Blue Angels Chase Plane
The stars of the Air Show were the Blue Angels.
(Pictures taken on 8-20-06.)

Wearing My Rain Boots

Aedhan found his rain boots under his bed this summer, and he thought that it was time to wear them. His feet have grown so much that he never really got to wear them this fall when we did get rain. (Pictures taken 8-14-06)