Thursday, April 10, 2008

Another Scare for "Cashew"

In December 2006, my Grandma Reed was diagnosed with DVT. Her Doctor wanted her children and grandchildren to be tested because it could be inherited.

I got a call from the nurse at my OB/GYN office. I was told that 2 of the results(Anti-Thrombin III and Protein S) came back abnormal. I was told not to go online to research the problem. I was told to stay calm and do what she told me. They were worried about developing a clot in me or the baby. First, I was to start taking 81mg aspirin daily. Secondly, a doctor appt. with Dr. Kazzi at Crittenton Hospital was being set up for me on the 22nd of February. He was the specialist who saw me in January. He doesn't have a good bedside manner and doesn't like to give any explanations. I hoped I would never to see him again. Thirdly, I would have to have a Non-Stress Test 2 times a week until I delivered. Finally, a Biophysical Scan(UltraSound) once a week until I delivered.

I had to be at the hospital half an hour before my appointment. First, I had the ultra sound. The technician thought the baby would be about 7lbs. 1oz. She couldn't get an accurate measurement of his head because his head was so far down in my pelvis. Secondly, I had the NSF test. As far as I knew, it was OK. Finally, my doctor's appt. with Dr. Kazzi(Prompt As Always!!). My Antithrombin III was 75 (Normal Range was 78-130) and my Protein S was 47 (Normal Range 70-128). NO Explanation for the cause, probably because of the pregnancy. The test should be run 6 weeks after the baby is born. He told me to continue aspirin and at my next OB/GYN appt. have them check my cervix. He stated that everything was OK.
As I was leaving, I over heard him stating to his Assistant that I needed to be induced ASAP and to call Dr. Greene's Office.

More ultrasound pictures from that day.


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Hello. I'm not medically qualified so I cannot offer you advice. I look after a patient support web site for people with Protein S Deficiency at - I don't know whether your doctor told you but Protein S levels are naturally lower during pregnancy so the normal/abnormal results levels are slightly different. We have located a medical science paper that gives more details your doctor will understand. Perhaps you'd like to print it out and give it to your doctor on your next visit...

Please accept my apologies for posting "medical info" - I understand you've been told not to look online but I know from personal experience that this information is not easy to find and thought you'd find it useful - kind regards James

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